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Daphne oil is an extra virgin organic olive oil certified by Certisys from the koroneiki variety of olive trees. It is grown in the area of Kalamata, home to some of the best olive oil in the world recognized by both individual consumers and professionals

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Nous créons la meilleure huile d’olive bio

Climate, soil and people are the perfect blend to offer an extraordinary balance. On the sunny hills of Kalamata, we grow the koroneiki olives that offer us such a high standard organic olive oil.

Á propos de Daphne
  • A healthy soul in a healthy body

    hundreds of scientific studies demonstrate that olive oil consumption on a daily basis has benefits for the body in its entirety, as well as its cardiovascular system.

  • Extra virgin

    Daphne organic olive oil is an authentic fruit juice, entirely natural. Our carefully curated extraction methods maintain the flavor and aromas of the original fruit.

  • Gastronomy

    Daphne organic olive oil enhances the flavors of the cooked foods and even increases the quality of the salads, fish and meat prepared with it through its luscious flavor and succulent texture.

  • Quality assurance

    The daily inspection of our products is our priority. Daphne oil oversees all the different production phases, from the olive collection all the way through to the packaging.

Extra virgin

100% organic KALAMATA olive oil

Olive oil in its rawest state. With its yellow gold colour, you can enjoy your finest dishes while still taking care of your health.

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Multi flavored

100% organic, aromatic KALAMATA olive oil

Variants of the DAPHNE OIL organic olive oil have been created by selecting natural aromas and blending them with our finest olive oils in order to offer various olive oils that can be combined with a multitude of dishes.

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KALAMON variety - PDO

Les olives 100% bio de Kalamata

Hand-picked, the organic DAPHNE OIL olives are almond-shaped and dark purple in colour. They will become essential during the preparation of your salads and dishes.

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We have been cultivating our own olive trees on the family farm since 1851

We are a small family farm producing extra virgin organic olive oil located in the villages of ASPROCHOMA and LEIKA. We, at DAPHNE OIL, use our experience and knowledge of the olive culture in order to offer high standard products and share the flavor created by our century old olive trees. Discover the culture.

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